Professional Painters

Paint Your Home

Freshen your home’s look by adding a updated coat of paint.  J Jordan Construction will have your home looking like new.  Our professional painters have over 20 years experience.  J Jordan Construction will take away the stress of doing it yourself.  No spots.  No discoloration.  No guessing.  Our painters expertly finish the job quickly.


Interior Paint Job

Bring life to your home with a new coat of paint.  Or, you could change colors in your rooms to bring a new feel to your old room.  Our painters will quickly get the job done so you can get back to your life.  J Jordan Construction Painters are experts in two tone updates to your room.  Want to sell your home faster?  A new coat of paint will help you sell that home faster. It is a proven tactic.  Call us and schedule one of our Painters to come to your home and give you a FREE Consultation.


Fencing, Barns, Sheds...

Call us for all your painting needs.  Our professional painters can repaint your fence line to keep it fresh and help with water proofing.  We also can update your barn or outside buildings by painting a fresh coat of paint.  Not only will it brighten your land but it will extend the life of your buildings from weathering.  Call us today and tell us your dimensions!

Painter for Fencing